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Relax and Listen to this Powerful Audio Hypnosis Download, (10 Steps to Powerful Public Speaking Hypnosis Course), that will help you make changes on a deep subconscious level.


  • Get into comfortable clothing when you listen to ”10 Steps to Powerful Public Speaking Hypnosis Course”.
  • When you listen it´s best to be in a quiet room and sit in any comfortable chair, couch, or bed.
  • Make sure you are not going to be disturbed for at least half an hour.
  • Figure out your goal for this Powerful Public Speaking Course – 10 audios (mp3) + Course Manual (pdf). Are you listening to ”10 Steps to Powerful Public Speaking Hypnosis Course” just to relax? For self-improvement? To train your brain? Self-hypnosis can be used just for relaxation, sure, but it can also be used for a number of life-enhancing things. Many use self hypnosis to achieve their goals, change their thinking, or just as general positive reinforcement or motivation.
  • When you enter ”10 Steps to Powerful Public Speaking Hypnosis Course”: Close your eyes and work to rid your mind of any feelings of fear, stress, or anxiety.
  • Try to recognize and remove the tension in your body.
  • When you listen to ”10 Steps to Powerful Public Speaking Hypnosis Course”: Take slow, deep breaths and appreciate the fact that you are going to be extremely relaxed. There will be a floating sensation.

And remember: If you were in conscious control of the content in ”10 Steps to Powerful Public Speaking Hypnosis Course”, you would have changed your life by now. The fact that you cannot must mean that your mind is running this issue at an unconscious level. Using ”10 Steps to Powerful Public Speaking Hypnosis Course”, you can let go of your issue at an unconscious level, in a way that gives you the freedom, confidence and control of all situations.

Go to the info and download page, 10 Steps to Powerful Public Speaking Hypnosis Course, to begin your journey through self hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Public Speaking: From Petrified to Powerful in 10 Steady Steps
Follow Mark Tyrrell’s journey from a presentation panic attack to confidently speaking to an audience of 500

Mark Tyrrell, co-founder of Hypnosis Downloads and formerly panicking presenter.
I had been worried about the upcoming presentation, but nothing had prepared me for this. Suddenly my audience was a wall of critical silence, intent on exposing me. Logically I knew that was nonsense but my emotional mind had stopped listening.

My name is Mark Tyrrell, I’m the co-founder of Hypnosis Downloads and this public speaking nightmare I’m about to reveal is a true story about one of our very first hypnosis workshops.

My public speaking panic attack

So now it was time to start my speech. But the level of panic I was feeling made speaking impossible, the only option I felt was open to me was running away. I was experiencing an ’emotional hijacking’, which as someone experienced in psychology I knew fine well, but that made not a jot of difference.

So my urge to leave was on the same level as awaking to find your bed on fire, but there were thirty people waiting for me to educate and entertain them. For two whole days! What was I going to do?

I’d done some public speaking before, given a few small workshops, so why now was I swamped with out-of-the-blue, gut-wrenching fear? If I was honest with myself I’d never been entirely comfortable standing up and speaking to more than, well, one person, but sheer panic was new to me.

I have never felt so much like fleeing from anywhere. It took all my willpower to stay in the room, and steadily, bit by bit, my anxiety levels lessened to the point where I became a thinking, communicating human again. But what had happened? And even more worryingly, what if it happened again?

How I made sure I never again got presentation panic

I knew that if I was to carve out a career as a trainer, I had to change myself. So I set out to master both public speaking fear and presentation technique. I didn’t just want to be confident, I wanted to be inspiring. I studied presentation expertise by watching the best over and over until the patterns of their success sank deep into my mind.

I used every technique in the book to detraumatize the experience of panicking in front of an audience, and to create a new roadmap for being relaxed, spontaneous and humorous when presenting. I rehearsed presentations hypnotically, ensuring I both knew my material inside out, and prepared myself emotionally.

And although before the next workshop I presented, I couldn’t be sure I wouldn’t panic again, I felt that something had changed. And indeed, when I stood up on that first day I had the mild performance-enhancing nerves that even seasoned presenters can feel. (Without those I can come across a bit bored 😉

Since that horrendous day I’ve given presentations to tens of thousands, at hundreds of events; once to 500 people for 8 hours straight. And enjoyed it. In fact, I would go so far as to say that these days I get the biggest buzz possible from public speaking – I love it. There have been times when I’ve forgotten my notes, when the powerpoint presentation didn’t work, when unsolvable technical hitches occurred and I still presented confidently. Heck I’ve even temporarily forgotten what I was going to say and still relaxed and given an overall great speech.

How a glass of water showed me how calm I’d become

I remember once when I invited audience questions a man put up his hand and asked: “Tell me, because I’m amazed, how can you lift a glass of water to your mouth in front of 400 people without your hand shaking?” That wasn’t really the sort of question I had in mind but it did make me realize just how far I’d come.

Now admitting in public that I, as a hypnotherapist, had a panic attack while presenting is not my idea of making myself look good, but I’m telling you this because it’s important you know you can overcome your fear of public speaking, no matter how severe it is.

The blueprint of how I achieved this is written into the pages of this 10-step course. Everything I learned during that process, and a lot I’ve learned since during thousands of hours of presentations, are included. The hypnotic experiences I used for myself are contained within the course’s hypnosis downloads.

I want you to believe that we can all learn to master fears and present more creatively to amuse, inspire, even captivate any audience. At one time I couldn’t even imagine presenting with confidence; now I can’t imagine presenting without feeling supremely self assured.

You can too.

What does the ten step course consist of?

1. Gentle and nurturing audio downloads to help you change

The 10 audio downloads for each step in the 10 Steps to Powerful Public Speaking course have been carefully selected to help you master the art of giving inspirational, memorable presentations in front of large audiences, without the fear and anxiety that make you want to run and hide.

2. The ’10 Steps to Powerful Public Speaking’ ebook

When you purchase the course, you will get instant access to the supporting 151-page workbook. It talks through every step and includes Progress Checkers that let you assess how far you’ve come on that step.

This is important for your self confidence, and for an effective learning experience. And as you gain more experience presenting, you may find that repeating the course offers another layer of insight and learning, pushing your skills further and higher.

What are the 10 Steps to Powerful Public Speaking?

Step 1 – Public Speaking Confidence

1) Public Speaking Confidence

Respond to presentations with confidence, energy and enthusiasm instead of anxiety and nerves.

Step 2 – Long Term Presentation Anxiety

2) Long Term Presentation Anxiety

Reduce anxiety about presenting or speaking in public way before the event is due.

Step 3 – Overcome Self Consciousness

3) Overcome Self Consciousness

Train your brain to keep your focus off yourself in social situations so you can relax and enjoy it.

Step 4 – 7-11 Breathing Exercise

4) 7-11 Breathing Exercise

Learn a simple yet powerful breathing technique you can use anywhere, to quickly bring down anxiety levels.

Step 5 – Control Your Emotions

5) Control Your Emotions

Learn to distinguish between real and perceived threats and calm your ’primitive’ emotional brain.

Step 6 – Be Funny

6) Be Funny

Relax deeply and let your inner comedian loose.

Step 7 – Speak Clearly

7) Speak Clearly

Learn to take full control of your powers of verbal communication.

Step 8 – Public Speaking – the Question from Hell

8) Public Speaking – the Question from Hell

Hypnotically rehearse skillfully dealing with difficult questions.

Step 9 – Speak Without Notes

9) Speak Without Notes

Master the art of remembering what you want to say to your audience.

Step 10 – Powerful Public Speaking

10) Powerful Public Speaking

Prime your brain to get into presentation ’flow’ quickly, so that each presentation is an improvement on its predecessor.

How the program works:

I’ve poured everything I know from my business experience and my years as a therapist into this multimedia course.

10 Steps to Powerful Public Speaking contains a 151-page downloadable Course Manual with a Progress Checker and 10 carefully crafted hypnosis downloads, one for each step of the course. After reading the first chapter, your mind is optimized to benefit from the specially tailored hypnosis session that follows.

You listen to this session once a day for a week (or whatever feels right to you), and when you’re done you assess yourself using the Progress Checker.

Feel free to go faster or slower through certain steps. This is your program, and your road to confident public speaking.

How to use the program:

The workbook takes you through every step, discussing the emotional barriers that get in the way of our natural ability to communicate, and providing tips, case studies, and exercises to stimulate your thinking and help you become a confident public speaker. Even after you’ve read the very first chapter, your attitude towards public speaking will start to feel very different indeed.

Motivation is built-in

Fill in the Progress Checker when you start each step and see how you’re doing. The Progress Checker makes a number of statements on the topic covered in that step, and asks you to indicate how true these statements are when applied to you, giving you a clear and simple way to monitor your progress. Keeping tabs on yourself like this makes you more aware of small improvements and helps you to stay committed.

10 hypnosis sessions make your learning last

Each step in the program is supported by a specific audio download to provide a deeper, unconscious level of change and create new, more helpful patterns of behavior.

Each deeply relaxing audio tackles a different element of public speaking fear, to ensure you develop a well-rounded, sustainable confidence about speaking in front of large audiences. All you have to do is tap play on your audio player, lay back, absorb and let your unconscious do the hard work.

Both head and heart are taken care of

The workbook gives you the ‘head’ knowledge and the audios give you the ‘heart’ knowledge, helping you make emotional updates that change how you feel. To bring the head and heart together, we’ve included tried-and-tested exercises to tackle different aspects of public speaking fear in detail. These exercises will help you break through to the next step on your journey. You can move onto the next step whenever you’re ready.

Did you know most people who read this page will not necessarily buy 10 Steps to Powerful Public Speaking?

It’s not because they are afraid, it’s not because they are lazy, it’s because they decide they are too busy right now to take out their credit card and make the purchase.

But let’s look at the cost of what might happen if you do that.

You might forget about this product because you’ve got a busy life … and for the rest of your life you might be struggling with your fear of public speaking, dreading any time you have to get up in front of a big audience and feeling anxious for weeks beforehand.

But if you take this course, and kick presentation fear out of your life once and for all, you will enjoy the following benefits:

You can relax quickly and deeply at will
The fear of having to present no longer holds you back
You feel comfortable and confident in front of an audience
An upcoming presentation no longer takes over your whole emotional life
You enjoy sharing your ideas with the world
You speak clearly and coherently, confidently and comfortably
You experience just the right amount of adrenaline to optimize your performance
You no longer feel pressure to be perfect
You no longer feel so self conscious
You can creatively interpret events and make witty jokes more often
You rely on your notes less and less
Your presentations become more lively, engaging, and memorable
You begin to build a good reputation
Others respond more positively when you speak to them
More opportunities present themselves
When you purchase this course, you will get instant access to the workbook and the 10 hypnosis audio downloads, so you can begin immediately.

You can take 10 Steps to Powerful Public Speaking on your computer, tablet or phone and listen to your downloads wherever you are.

Begin your journey to powerful presentations today – you can be a charismatic, memorable, confident presenter sooner than you think. Good luck!

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