Act On Your Ideas Self Hypnosis MP3




What makes it hard to act on ideas and get results?

Your brain knows that life is complex and if you change one thing, there will be lots of consequences, some you can foresee, and some you can’t. As you contemplate the consequences of choosing to act on ideas in a practical way, you are affected emotionally by what you think those consequences might be.

If you have nothing but positive emotions towards the imagined outcomes, you might leap right in and act on ideas in whatever way is necessary to realize them. But if you also have some negative emotions – what if I lose my job, what if the school isn’t right for my kids, what if the house price falls? – then it is not surprising if you hesitate, heck it’s actually wise to hesitate!

How too much dreaming can lead to inaction

Dreaming about how marvelous it will be when your plan is implemented, and enjoying all this ahead of time in your imagination, can be very seductive and preferable to the detailed ’hard’ thinking required to turn the dream into reality.  Who wants to think about mortgages when they’re already living in their dream house in their head?

Whether it’s hesitation or dreaming that’s slowing you down, you can can learn a new template for acting on your ideas.

How hypnosis can help you overcome the barriers to action

Act on your ideas is a powerful audio hypnosis session created by experienced psychologists and motivational experts for people who are caught in the inertia trap. This life transforming session makes use of your brain’s ability to generate alternative reality and directs it at source level so that you can break through those old excuses and act.

When you take the time to relax deeply and open your mind to the hypnotic power of the motivational and dynamizing process embedded in this session, you’ll very quickly notice that

  • you are regularly focusing on and taking concrete, practical steps to realize your plans
  • your commitment to your ideas has acquired a powerful emotional depth
  • a sense of the significance of what you are doing becomes a constant of your life
  • you feel encouraged to press on even harder when you meet obstacles
  • as you mark each major or minor step forward, you feel a growing sense of satisfaction and achievement that motivates you further

Download Act on your ideas and discover what you can really do when you put your mind to it.