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Relax and Listen to this Powerful Audio Hypnosis Download, (Avoid a Bad First Impression), that will help you make changes on a deep subconscious level.


  • Get into comfortable clothing when you listen to ”Avoid a Bad First Impression”.
  • When you listen it´s best to be in a quiet room and sit in any comfortable chair, couch, or bed.
  • Make sure you are not going to be disturbed for at least half an hour.
  • Figure out your goal for this Avoid a Bad First Impression Hypnosis Download. Are you listening to ”Avoid a Bad First Impression” just to relax? For self-improvement? To train your brain? Self-hypnosis can be used just for relaxation, sure, but it can also be used for a number of life-enhancing things. Many use self hypnosis to achieve their goals, change their thinking, or just as general positive reinforcement or motivation.
  • When you enter ”Avoid a Bad First Impression”: Close your eyes and work to rid your mind of any feelings of fear, stress, or anxiety.
  • Try to recognize and remove the tension in your body.
  • When you listen to ”Avoid a Bad First Impression”: Take slow, deep breaths and appreciate the fact that you are going to be extremely relaxed. There will be a floating sensation.

And remember: If you were in conscious control of the content in ”Avoid a Bad First Impression”, you would have changed your life by now. The fact that you cannot must mean that your mind is running this issue at an unconscious level. Using ”Avoid a Bad First Impression”, you can let go of your issue at an unconscious level, in a way that gives you the freedom, confidence and control of all situations.

Go to the info and download page, Avoid a Bad First Impression, to begin your journey through self hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression
We all know how important first impressions are. And if we blow it straight away we may be playing catch up for weeks, months or years! Whilst it’s important not to worry too much what people think of you, knowing how to create a first good impression for interviews, dates, presentations and meeting new people is an invaluable skill.

Just how quick are first impressions?

Research shows (1) that we decide whether someone is trustworthy or not in the first couple of seconds of meeting them. This may not be ’fair’ but it’s a fact. And most people (again rightly or wrongly) never significantly change their first impression of a person.

What can creating a good first impression do for you?

When people trust you immediately they see you as someone who they want to associate with because they perceive your words as matching your true intentions and actions. Like it or not this instant appraisal works within seconds of meeting you. Why? Because we humans have had to evolve to sum up possible threat or possible advantage within milliseconds because this could have signaled the difference between survival and extinction! What mistakes do people commonly make?

What a good first impression means

Of course first impressions can be wrong and some people will to some extent modify their opinions over time. But if they don’t feel you are the kind of person they want to be around in the first place you may not get that far.

People will decide within a few seconds whether you are competent, confident, decent, trustworthy and even humorous. They’ll get a sense pretty instantly of whether you are the type of person they feel they could potentially date, work with or be friends with.

This session will look at how you can make a great first impression and feel confident. It will give your conscious mind digestible tips and your unconscious mind the capacity to make you feel confident, relaxed and aware of your impact upon others.

How you feel in the moment of first meeting will largely determine how you come across. If you are feeling full of confidence and ease this will transmit to people around you.

Download Avoid a Bad First Impression now and really make the most of those first few seconds.

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