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Learn persuasion skills from the experts – hypnosis is above all, a persuasion tool.

Be More Persuasive

Some people are so persuasive. Not the bamboozlers who may have you politely nodding (but inwardly thinking: ’no way!’) I mean the really persuasive; the ones who have the knack of getting you on side and in line with their thinking. So how do truly persuasive people do this?

Step 1: Capturing attention

Put simply, to persuade someone you need to hypnotize them. Not in the watch swinging, eyes closed, sense, but by powerfully narrowing the focus of their attention onto what you are saying, so that everything else leaves their awareness. To do this you have to grab their attention and keep it.

Step 2: Convincing communication

When you need to believe in what you are saying and communicate with your entire being, not just your voice, you conscious/unconscious communication is congruent which makes you so much more believeable and persuasive to the listener.

Step 3: Appeal to emotions

People believe with their emotions and know with their logic. What convinces us is when we become emotionally involved with an idea. Although of course your argument needs to contain logic too, it’s the emotion that ultimately wins out (even when you’re convincing people who pride themselves on their logic!) Reasearch shows that brain damage that eliminates the emotional component to decision making, makes it impossible to make decisions at all.

When it comes down to it, emotion decides.

Step 4: Build rapport

You don’t need to be a super sales person to be more persuasive – you simply need to be able to stand in the shoes of the person you are communicating to. You build rapport by listening and discovering what is important to someone and then feeding that back and blending it with your ideas. In this way it sounds familiar to them and doesn’t feel like a massive leap. Building rapport by including someone’s existing beliefs into your argument is a sure fire way to increase your persuasiveness.

The Be More Persuasive hypnosis session

Be More Persuasive will teach you the secrets of good persuasion and give you the confidence to be more proactive in persuading others. The hypnosis will give you super confidence to promote your ideas with complete conviction whilst remaining flexible and creative.

Download Be More Persuasive now and watch how you can get people on board…