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Tobacco chewers or ’dippers’ get less hassle from the health-conscious than smokers because dipping is not generally recognized as almost equally harmful. If you’ve been using smokeless tobacco for a long time, you might have been quite glad not to be hassled. But at some level you have been aware that this habit is doing you no good, and you’re reading this page hoping there is some easy way to stop chewing tobacco.

Overcoming the obstacles to stopping chewing tobacco

Maybe you’ve tried quitting before. You made up your mind one day that you were going to stop, and you did stop. You felt quite proud of your achievement. But then something happened – some frustration, some party, some work issue, a friend just offered you a wad, whatever it was – and all of a sudden the craving just carried you away before you could think. And you were back dipping again. You may be wondering if you’ll ever discover how to stop chewing tobacco.

Do you need willpower to give up dipping?

When that sort of thing happens, it’s easy to give up and start saying to yourself ’Maybe I’ve just got an addictive personality’ or ’I haven’t got that sort of willpower’. It all seems like too much effort. Why not just go with it? And that will keep you going for a while, until those niggling doubts, or some worrying health symptom, push you into thinking about quitting tobacco again.

But now it’s harder. The notion that ’I don’t have the willpower’ is quite frightening when you think that it’s all about willpower. If stopping chewing tobacco is about entering a battle of wills, you have no hope of winning. Tobacco is much more ’determined’ than you are, is it not?

Are you doomed to chew tobacco till it kills you, then?

How tobacco deceives its users into dependency

Tobacco chewing, like all addictions, acquires a sort of all-pervading ’presence’ in the lives of users, which make it seem inevitable, all-powerful, inescapable, and ’part of the furniture’. But it’s all an illusion.

Have you ever seen the movie The Wizard of Oz? You may remember how the Wizard tried to cow Dorothy and her companions by appearing as a giant head, a fairy, a ball of fire, and a horrible monster. But when they dared to pull back the curtain, it turned out that he was a powerless nobody performing mechanical tricks.

So how do you pull back the curtain on smokeless tobacco and rob it of its power to enslave you?

What it takes to escape from tobacco chewing addiction

To get free from chewing tobacco addiction, you need to be able to ’see through’ the illusion. This requires very clear, sharp sight. Not the sight of your physical eyes, but the sight of your ’inner eye’, your ’mind’s eye’. To open your inner eye and see through the deception of tobacco, you need to be in a state of mind removed from your everyday concerns and therefore free of the constraints which normally govern you.

How hypnosis can help you stop chewing tobacco

The easiest way to access such a state of mind is through the practice of hypnosis. Stop Chewing Tobacco will teach you how to easily and effortlessly access a mental state of calm objectivity and relaxation, where deceptions no longer have any effect on you.

By listening regularly to Stop Chewing Tobacco you will begin to understand very clearly how tobacco chewing has previously kept its grip on you and why, now that you have seen through it, it no longer has any power over you. You will learn the inner stance to adopt to keep you safe from it in future.

Download Stop Chewing Tobacco and start enjoying a truly nicotine free life.