Creativity Booster Self Hypnosis MP3



Looking for inspiration for something you’re working on?

Want to be able to ’think out of the box’ more?

Need to get over a creative block?

Everyone has creativity built into them. Of course some people naturally have more flair for coming up with new ideas than others, but creativity is part of our inalienable genetic inheritance as humans. You are packed full of creative resources.

The biggest block to being more creative is not so much lack of creative talent as trying too hard. Telling yourself to ’think creatively’ – like other injunctions that you might beat yourself up with – is likely to send you into the doldrums straight away. And leave you right out of ideas.

The fact is, ’creativity’ is an unconscious process. It goes on in the back of your mind, and you get the best results when you create the right environment for it to happen, and then give it the space and time to happen.

Which means getting out of the way. Keeping your conscious mind, with all its analyzing and planning, out of it.

Hypnosis can help you take your conscious fingers out of the creativity process and leave your unconscious mind to come up with the sorts of ideas, solutions and innovations that it is so brilliantly good at.

Hypnosis can help you quickly become more creative

The Creativity Booster is an audio hypnosis download that will help you tap into and augment your natural ability to be inventive and ingenious.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you’ll surprise yourself with just how many new ideas and ways of doing things you find yourself coming up with on a regular basis. You’ll notice that you

become much more sensitive to possible correlations between seemingly unconnected phenomena
find many ways to make use of these new interconnections
learn the secrets of keeping your creativity at high pitch
trust yourself more to come up with ideas
have so much fun!

Download Creativity Booster and open up a whole new world.