Ease Your Eczema Self Hypnosis MP3



Eczema can be mildly irritating or extremely painful. In milder cases of eczema the skin becomes dry, flaky, hot and itchy. In severer cases the skin can become broken, raw, scabby and bleeding and, of course painful.

There are many treatments for eczema and we recommend you use treatments recommended you by a medical professional.

However you can use this session alongside physical treatments because your mind is a powerful tool for change on physical as well as psychological levels.

Causes of eczema

The causes of eczema are many and varied. Most sufferers find that it flares up during times of stress and different types of eczema can be caused by irritant chemicals such as tobacco, detergents and yeast growth. Dry humid conditions and even blood circulation problems can all bring on eczema symptoms.

Some outbreaks of eczema are caused by dust mites, plant pollens and moulds. Some foods may also trigger eczema such as dairy foods or preservatives.

Eczema as an over reaction

Eczema like any allergy is an over reaction, or mis-targeting, of the immune system. It seems the immune system wrongly determines the trigger as a threat and produces an unnecessary response.

This is like a guard dog that barks at everyone not just intruders, or a car alarm that keeps going off when it doesn’t need to.


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