Stop Being Embarrassed Hypnosis MP3



Most of us have been embarrassed at some time or another. That sickening feeling of awkwardness and self consciousness can trip you up and make what should be good times difficult; even traumatic. Blushing, stammering and that horrible over awareness of your every movement all merge to make embarrassment extremely uncomfortable.

Embarrassment stops you being able to think and prevents you acting naturally, with the over-riding feeling that the attention is all on you. Being embarrassed easily and often can prevent us forming close ties and friendships and regular embarrassment can also get in the way of job and career satisfaction.

It’s the feeling that we’re no good and what we have to say isn’t worth saying. Where you’re embarrassed you feel clumsy and foolish, caring too much about what others think and imagining that they must be judging you harshly.

We need to be aware of how we come across… but not as much as you think
Of course we are all social creatures and it is good to be aware of how we come across sometimes and to some extent.

Constant embarrassment stops you from truly living, putting your views across and acting spontaneously. But embarrassment has to be specifically linked to specific types of situations. For example, there will be some people you are more embarrassed with than others – you could tell your friends about your embarrassing incident without shame, but you wouldn’t dare mention it to others.

During this session we are going to start the process of replacing embarrassment in specific situations with calm and comfort. This will mean you become able to think clearly again and act naturally during those times.

Just think – when you feel unembarrassed and relaxed you’re whole life will expand and be enriched.

Download Don’t Be Embarrassed now and start truly living.