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The true meaning of agoraphobia is fear of crowds, but for many people it is much more than that.

Anxiety or panic attacks that occur originally in one place can spread to others until the sufferer finds it hard to be anywhere unless ‘escape’ is easy.

Eventually, it can get so bad that you feel safe only at home. The brain’s survival emergency system gets ‘hyper aroused’ and starts to respond to almost any situation with anxiety or panic attacks.

Effective agoraphobia treatment

Overcoming Agoraphobia retrains the brain to understand that these situations are actually safe, and that it does not need to generate anxiety responses. Although medication is often prescribed as agoraphobia treatment, detraumatisation and relaxation is what is required.

Hypnosis is so effective for doing this because it keeps the mind calm and relaxed while reviewing the difficult situations or experiences, so teaching the mind to respond differently.

As this happens, you will begin to feel differently about the prospect of situations that used to be frightening, until actually going back into them is a realistic prospect.

This is not an ‘overnight cure’ of course, but can be a great self help tool for curing agoraphobia, especially when used repeatedly over time.

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