Overcoming Shy Bladder Hypnosis MP3



Do you find urinating difficult or even impossible when there are other people nearby?

Does this make you anxious about going out?

Shy bladder syndrome is very common

Shy bladder isn’t something that gets talked about much, which is why you may not realize how very common it is. And it doesn’t get talked about because it’s embarrassing and inconvenient. It makes you want to stay home, where you know you can go to your own bathroom in peace whenever you need. It makes you avoid social and work gatherings. It makes you extremely careful about your shopping trips.

It’s a pain.

It’s not about ’confidence’

It’s important to understand that not feeling able to urinate in public restrooms or other facilities when there are people nearby does not mean that you must have ’confidence issues’ in other areas of life. Bashful bladder is usually simply a conditioned response – a physical habit.

Some delay is normal

It’s also important to know that experiencing a longer delay before urinating in a public place than you would at home is perfectly natural. Everyone experiences this to some degree. That’s because it’s actually a survival response. We evolved this response a long way back in human history, because we’re vulnerable when performing bodily functions, and we need to check that the environment is safe before we do so.

How shy bladder can develop

However, if this delay gets too long, a feeling of anxiety can arise. If you start to feel worried about what’s happening, that makes you tense up. And that makes it harder to urinate, because your body interprets this tension as a sign that the environment is not safe, and so restricts the flow. This can quickly become a vicious circle.

Of course, relaxed urinary flow is under the direction of your unconscious mind. You’ve probably tried to relax and found that it didn’t work very well. It’s one of those things that you can’t consciously do. So what can you do?

Hypnosis is a great way to remove an unwanted habitual behavior

Overcome Shy Bladder is an audio hypnosis session designed to teach your unconscious mind to take back control of your urinary function, so that you can go into any bathroom and find that the whole process happens comfortably all by itself.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you’ll notice that you:

Get into a much deeper state of relaxation each time you listen
Feel more calm and settled inside yourself generally
Have a growing sense of really being your own master inside
Discover that you can more and more easily ignore others when that’s appropriate
Start to feel much more comfortable in public facilities
Almost completely forget there ever was an issue.
Download Overcome Shy Bladder and enjoy your new freedom.