Sexual Performance Anxiety Self Hypnosis MP3



Sexual performance anxiety can become a major issue for men within a relationship – and the more important the relationship is to you, the more anxious you are likely to become about sex and your own performance.

Whether you suffer from premature ejaculation, impotence or some other sexual difficulty, sexual anxiety only makes things worse.

Ultimately, a viscious circle is created, when worrying about your performance exacerbates the original problem, until the sexual performance anxiety becomes a problem in itself.

How to break the cycle of worrying about sexual performance

When a sexual problem occurrs more than once, part of you can begin to expect it to happen, causing a conditioning effect to occur. Then, even thinking about sex can cause an anxiety response, which inhibits your natural sex response.

To get rid of this conditioning effect, sexual anxiety hypnosis can be used to re-educate your mind and once again associate sex with the appropriate feelings and state of mind.

Without hypnosis, getting over sexual performance problems can be difficult as you struggle consciously with an unconscious problem.

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