Stop Procrastination Self Hypnosis MP3



Are you one of those people who will do amazing things if only you can overcome procrastination?

Does it feel like you have to put things off, like it would be wrong to just get on with it?

First things first

Of course, if you did actually try to do everything you needed to do at once, as soon as you knew you needed to do it, you would soon be overwhelmed. Your tasks are not all equally important, or equally urgent. It makes sense to schedule what you have to do, give yourself time to do things properly, and pace yourself comfortably.

But it’s not that easy, is it? There seem to be certain tasks, or certain undertakings, that you always put at the back of the queue. You will do them, of course. You mean to do them. You know how important they are. But you’re just not going to do them right now, and putting them to the back of the queue means you can put them out of your mind for now.

Out of mind is… out of mind

Trouble is, once out of your mind, they really are out of your mind. You don’t pay them any mind. Until one day they jump up and bite you. ”Hey! Here I am! You haven’t done me yet!” And you have to rush around and do whatever it is as fast as possible (which generally means not as well as possible). Sometimes they jump up too late. You don’t notice till the penalty demand comes in. Doubly painful.

When habitual postponement is sabotaging your life, it’s time to stop

Now everyone has put off a task or two at some time or another, and forgotten all about it, and paid the price. It’s no big deal to do this once in a while, and take it on the chin. It’s human! But if you regularly put off things that you really should be getting on with, and if as a result things are not going as well as they could or should for you, maybe it’s time to face up to that dilly-dallying and tell it where to go.

And with the Overcome procrastination hypnosis download, you can do just that and be the director of all you do.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you’ll notice that you:

connect with a deep inner sense of purpose and determination
feel much more in command of yourself and your choices
no longer battle with yourself daily about getting things done
understand and take care of your own needs so much better
know how to recognize and deal with temptations to delay
get much more done – at the right time.
Download Overcome procrastination and be the true director of all you do.