Stop Thumb Sucking Self Hypnosis MP3



Thumb sucking is nature’s way of getting us ’off mother’s nipple’. It is an activity that let’s babies ’come off’ the nipple gently for a while.

When breast feeding stops thumb sucking may continue just until the baby becomes used to drawing it’s nutrition more independently by eating and drinking for itself.

Children or even some adults may find themselves reaching for this symbol of babyhood in times of stress or when they seek comfort or reassurance.

Perhaps you find yourself thumb sucking just occasionally when you feel bored, or in need of comfort.

Maybe you suck your thumb almost constantly the way some people chain smoke.

Whatever the pattern or reason it can be embarrassing and humiliating if others notice and difficult to resist the urge sometimes.

Thumb sucking can displace your teeth and create dryness in the skin of the thumb.

You know it’s got to stop sometime. You don’t want to be thumb sucking in 5,10,15,20 years time!

This session can help you to be in charge of your thumb and stop it ruling you so much.

Imagine what it’s going to be like to let your thumb breath properly and be free of thumb sucking.

Download Stop Thumb Sucking now and break free.